Second rabid animal found in Lenoir County this year

LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Another rabid animal has been found in Lenoir County, the second so far this year.

The Lenoir County Health Department said this time it was a fox that tested positive for rabies.

The rabid animal was found in the Paul’s Path Road area of the county.

Last month, a rabid raccoon was found between Pink Hill and Deep Run.

The county saw eight rabid raccoon cases last year.

“It is concerning that a fox has been identified with rabies in addition to the multiple raccoons identified earlier, and the animal cases have been located throughout the county. It is important that people are mindful of their surroundings and keep themselves and their pets away from wild animals,” Pamela Brown, county health director.

Brown said to let the health director, hospital, or doctor check you out if you have been scratched or bitten by an animal, do not approach a wild animal, keep your pets up to date on rabies vaccinations, and keep your pets away from stray or wild animals.