Search for endangered Kinston stray dog with plastic jug stuck on his head

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) -The search for an endangered stray dog is underway in one Eastern Carolina city as medical professionals at a doctor’s office are working together to try and lure the dog to their building.

Dr. Laddie Crisp has spent countless hours working at UNC Lenoir Family Medicine over the last 34 years so you’d think he’d want to enjoy every weekend off, but instead he spent his Friday night trying to help man’s best friend.

“I feel like time is running out,” Crisp said. “We know we have the animal control on the case, I’m sure they have other things it’s been difficult for them. They keep saying call me when you see him, but that’s difficult because we don’t know when he’s going to show up.”

Crisp says there’s a stray dog named Duplin, who comes to the back parking lot of their doctor’s office everyday as they give him food and water, along with two other stray dogs named Lenoir and Wayne.

However, there’s been growing concern this week about Duplin’s health as Crisp says he has a plastic jug stuck on his head.

“There’s a veterinarian’s office here in town that says they’d provide medical help if the dog appears to be sick and dehydrated,” Crisp said. “There could be ulceration around the neck where this jug has been rubbing for the last four or five days.”

Crisp says Duplin has been spotted near their office in Kinston, but it’s been difficult to get the jug off his head because he runs when people come up to him.

Although Lenoir County Animal Control has tried to help, Crisp has decided to take matters into his own hands and set up a trap to hopefully lure Duplin this weekend.

“I’m hoping the smell of good old country sausage might be helpful to bring him in,” Crisp said. “The biggest problem is if I’m going to be able to catch the right dog so I’m staying here mainly to shoo away the other two dogs for the trap and maybe catch that one.”

Crisp says Duplin wasn’t caught Friday night, but says he’ll keep the trap set up outside the office all weekend and so on until the dog is found safely.