Schools close early and switch to virtual learning ahead of storm

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – With the severe weather hitting the east, many schools opted to do virtual learning or early dismissal Tuesday.

Schools across the east closed hours earlier than usual on Tuesday to get in front of the predicted strong winds, severe thunderstorms, and heavy rain.

“With the inclement weather and everything, I think it’s safer for the schools to close to ensure that the kids can stay safe,” parent Cynthia Daniels said.

Some schools closed as early as 11 a.m. to avoid the storm, while others closed later in the day and were met with powerful winds and heavy rain.

Student Ashlyon Green said going to school on Tuesday was not ideal.

“I mean I feel good about it but it’s very windy and it’s a lot of stuff going on,” said Green.

However, some schools decided to cancel in-person classes altogether and switch to virtual learning. Daniels said she wished that option was available in her situation.

“A virtual option today would have been great that way it wouldn’t have interrupted my day with work and all,” Daniels said.

Students also agreed they wouldn’t mind moving online.

“I prefer virtual,” Green said.

Some schools here in the east are welcoming students back Wednesday with a two-hour delay. For an updated closings and delays list click here.