Road closed due to bridge deteriorating

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The bridge on Oxford Road serves as an entrance and exit to the Brook Valley neighborhood for residents, businesses, and patrons of the golf course and the country club.

Nick Kelly, a landscaper who comes to work in the neighborhood, realized his route to work looked different since last Tuesday.

“It’s been an inconvenience going around but there are many ways to come around to get into this neighborhood,” Kelly said.

However, Kelly says he would rather deal with the inconvenience now for better safety crossing the bridge every time he comes to work.

“I’m happy that they are proactive and doing something about it before it’s a problem. It is definitely a lot easier to fix something before it is broken fully,” Kelly added.

Like Kelly, residents in the area say although the detour adds about four or five minutes to their trip, they are happier about the bridge finally getting replaced.

With about 500 homes in the neighborhood, the bridge sees relatively heavy traffic of about 1200 vehicles a day, based on the most recent traffic count in 1991.

According to the NC DOT’s report, some concrete rebars were exposed and some spans supporting the bridge settled two inches, causing the road itself over the bridge to drop over time.

Matt Sculley, the Greenville councilman for Pitt County, says it is important to alleviate the inconvenience of the bridge falling as much and as soon as possible.

“In the summertime, it could be a big hit on the businesses and the residents, so we are doing our best to find a band-aid solution so that we can get it reopened,” Sculley explained.

According to NCDOT, the city will be footing the bill of $1.5 million for replacing the span.