Ripe for Revival Mobile Market in Greenville

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -The Ripe-for-Revival mobile market rolled into Greenville Thursday offering residents a chance to pay what they can for groceries.

A lot of fresh produce could be seen on board the mobile market, and residents here in the east were given a chance to get access to a variety of fresh groceries while paying what they could afford.

Meats, fresh produce, and dairy items are just some of the items available at the Ripe-for-Revival mobile market.

The organization works with farmers to bridge the gap between farm excess and food access in the state.

“I am very grateful that Ripe for Revival is in the community it’s really been a help for me and my family,” says Nicole Nesmith.

Nesmith uses this market and says she’s glad she can get fresh, affordable food. She also wants more people to know about the nonprofit.

“This is a really good resource. I would say to go to their Facebook and they have an Instagram they post every week where they are going to be. I would just say use this resource,” says Nesmith.

The mobile market uses a “pay as you can” system – allowing people from all incomes to be able to get fresh food.

Jonathan Tyndall, Ripe for Revival’s community operation manager, says he’s happy that the nonprofit helps people have healthy food and hopefully, full bellies.

“The best thing is to be able to serve people and care for them, provide fresh food for them because again the idea of having a grocery store that’s easy to get to is not a reality for people a lot of people actually and with the cost of things going up. Food cost is right there with it and not everyone is getting the pay raise to help match what they are paying at the grocery stores,” says Tyndall.

The mobile market also has a cooking cart that can teach people how to create easy healthy snacks.

On its website – Ripe for Revival says its mobile market has become a lifeline for many struggling to make ends meet, providing them with a reliable source of fresh, healthy food.