Ride Along: Two drug seizures with Craven County K9 Unit

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Sergeant Rebecca Hopper starts her day off by loading her K-9 into the back of her truck. As she sits to watch for any drivers acting odd, she knows her dogs have her back.

“They can smell things that we can’t,” said Sergeant Hopper.

What started as a normal traffic stop Wednesday afternoon turned into a drug seizure, thanks to the strong noses of her K-9s, trained to sniff out cocaine, meth and heroin.

“They don’t know how to lie about it. They don’t have that capability, so when dogs are alert to something. They’re not alerting to the food or the pet owner or any of those things,” said Sergeant Hopper.

The K-9s as a backup if a situation takes a turn and respond immediately to commands.

Craven County has seven K-9s but will soon be adding one more. “These dogs are vital to our operations at the sheriff’s office. They do drug searches, they find missing persons, they find wanted suspects, and we could not do this job without them,” said Craven County Sheriff Officer Captian Gary Quick.