Residents returning after chemical spill at Jacksonville water treatment plant forces evacuation at apartment complex

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Residents are now being told they can return to their homes after a chemical spill at Jacksonville’s water treatment plant.

An unknown chemical spilled at the treatment plant earlier today that forced the evacuation of Arlington West apartments.

When asked, a city spokeswoman confirmed that the spill happened at the treatment plant. She did not say what chemical spilled or exactly how much. An original social media post by the city did not say exactly where the spill had occurred.

So far, residents say they have not been told what chemical spilled. A police officer told them it was now safe to return to their homes, and that authorities would continue to monitor air in the area.

The city says while they do not anticipate any changes, residents should be prepared “on the chance there may be a secondary evacuation.”