Residents concerned after a fun park wants to expand activities behind their home

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Residents in an Eastern Carolina neighborhood are upset as nearby land is up for a vote Tuesday Night at the Greenville City Council meeting to possibly become commercial land.

Sawyer’s Fun Park is looking to expand on the Pitt County land.

“This new text amendment would allow us to do the electric go-karts, mini golf, possibly pickleball and possibly a driving range,” said TJ Sawyer, the owner of Sawyer’s Fun Park.

Some living in the Corey Ridge neighborhood say there have already been some issues, and this expansion could further affect the peacefulness of the neighborhood.

“Even before this proposed expansion, he already has excessive lighting. The noise has been a major concern of ours. Where the music that is played, we can hear it from my backyard; I can hear it on my back porch with the door closed,” said neighbor and Greenville resident Katelin Koerner.

However, Sawyer says there would be limitations to the expansion. “We are restricted by sound, lights with the sound is 60 decimals at the property line also with the light it’s point five candlelight at the property line as well,” said Sawyer.

Residents say they simply don’t see how it could stay within guidelines.

“I don’t believe any of the current restrictions they’re putting on him proposed would be effective from the lighting aspect or the noise aspect. He’s proven once before, multiple times before, that he cannot be trusted to be a good neighbor in terms of noise,” said another neighbor, Jerry Mcroy.

Thursday night at 6, the Greenville city council will vote on whether or not the land could become commercial.

If changed, the buffer would stop just 200 feet short of a ditch behind some residents’ backyards.

About a year ago, due to the land being in Pitt County, Sawyer asked for zoning ordinances from the Pitt County Planning and Zoning Board and was denied 7 to 0.

One of the neighbors also mentioned that this could affect many more neighborhoods. The ordinance would amend Title 9, Chapter 4 of the zoning ordinance, changing all land within the zoning district.