Repairs continue after storm damage South Lenoir High School

LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Emergency service crews are working day in and day out to repair the damage from strong storms and straight line winds at South Lenoir High School.

South Lenoir Athletic Director, David Combs says, “As we walked outside when the wind calmed down, we saw the roof and all the pieces of the rubber membrane and pretty much everything else, the debris was everywhere. We saw daylight through the ceilings and rain coming in. It was just a bad situation.”

The storm damage is flipping the start of a new semester upside down. “For the kids and the basketball teams it’s been a change just from our PE classes not being able to be in the gym so we’re getting used to that, especially the first day back. For our basketball teams, we’re in the process of moving all of our games.”

As a result, the Lenoir County community is joining together.

Lenoir County Schools Public Information Officer Patrick Holmes says, “LCC has offered South Lenoir use of its gym to play their home games so when they’re able to set up their schedule for that, then South Lenoir will be playing at a college level facility and that will be great.”

Though there’s no set timeline for when repairs will be finished, the main goal is to provide a memorable experience for each student.

“We’re soliciting bids for the work to repair the roof but after that, it’s really just up to the contractors as far as the timeline goes. We’ll deal with the supply chain issues and their schedule and we’ll get it done as quickly as possible,” says Holmes.

Combs says, “Getting them a good experience, and we’re definitely going to provide the best experience we can for those kids.”

South Lenoir’s basketball game Friday night has moved to Kinston High School. Until repairs are finished, home games will either be hosted at the opposing school’s gymnasiums, or Lenoir Community College.

Along with the damage South Lenoir High School faced, there were also reports of fallen trees across the county while one tree fell on a home on Catherine Avenue in Kinston.