Proposal to increase fire tax for homeowners in Wyse Fork

JONES COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A special meeting with the Wyse Fork Volunteer Fire Department will take place Thursday to propose an increase in the fire tax.

Homeowners within the fire district currently pay three cents per $100 valuation, which could change to six cents per $100 valuation.

George Davis, a Jones County resident, shared that the fire department helped him in a time of need. “There was one time I needed them,” said Davis. “There was a fire. I needed someone to put it out and they were right there.”

After moving from Cary to Jones County, Blynn Linthicum says she understands and supports the decision to increase the fire tax.

“If my house catches on fire,” said Linthicum, “I want somebody here as soon as possible. I’m sorry, but if I have to pay them a little extra to come, I am willing to do it.”

Linthicum is married to a veteran who has needed to use both EMS and the fire department for emergencies.

“My husband is a veteran,” said Linthicum. “He’s fallen a couple of times. EMS has been here very quickly, and if I needed the fire department, I think they would be here as quickly as possible.”

Linthicum lives a few miles away from the department, which she says is beneficial. However, she emphasizes patience since the fire department is volunteer-based.

“If I needed them,” said Linthicum, “They would be here as quickly as possible because you have to realize they are volunteers. I’m just glad they are as close as they are. I hope we can support them, all of us.”

The Wyse Fork Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for parts of Jones County and Lenoir County.

The new budget will start at the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1st.