President Biden’s proposed budget expands Medicaid and Medicare

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – As many Americans rely on affordable health insurance, President Biden proposed a new budget to reflect just that.

“It lays out a fiscally responsible path to invest in America, to lower costs for American families, to strengthen Medicare and Social Security, and to grow the economy from the bottom up,” says Christen Young, White House Health and Veteran Affairs Deputy Assistant.

She says they’ll do this by committing to protecting and strengthening programs many are in need of.

“With respect to Medicare, it lays out a path to extend the trust fund for another generation beyond 2050. He is also committed to expanding Medicaid and making sure families have access to affordable health insurance.”

With a goal, she says, of driving down costs for families across the country. “The budget calls on Congress to cap the cost of insulin for everyone with health insurance at $35.00 per prescription per month and also lay out lower costs, lower costs for health benefits and other health insurance.”

Though Congress controls the next steps, experts in the east foresee many negotiations.

“Since we have a Republican controlled House of Representatives and a Democratically controlled Senate, there’s probably going to be a good deal of negotiation about what is finally going to be spent in this fiscal year,” High Point Political Science Chair and Assistant Professor, Martin Kifer says.

The hope is that in the end, a fair agreement will be made.

Kifer says, “Probably in the end, the President will get some of what he wants, maybe Democrats in the Senate will get what they’re looking for, and the Republicans in the House will be able to get some concessions for things that they want.”

Experts also say the budget proposal isn’t expected to go far, since Republicans are in charge of the House.