Prepping HVAC systems for the cold is recommended

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Frigid temperatures on the way may not be the best news to some, but for Grimesland resident Virginia Nadramia, it is not something she stresses over.

“We’re ready. If it gets really cold, we will bunker down,” Nadramia said.

Many will be relying on their heating system to stay warm during the temperature plunge, which is why homeowners like Nadramia make sure their system gets checked regularly.

“In the fall, before the heating systems, we get everything checked and make sure our filters are changed,” said Nadramia. “Then in the spring, they come out and they check for our air conditioning, our cooling system, and again change out filters, and they check on our Freon levels. Then, usually, we are good to go.”

HVAC experts say that Nadramia is spot on in her assessment.

According to technician Timothy Stone, colder temperatures put more pressure on the system which makes it more prone to issues.

Stone says getting a maintenance check-up regularly, twice a year can not only detect potential problems earlier but also make the system more efficient and last longer.

What can you do now though?

“You definitely want to change your filter. Maintenance is key so the biggest thing you can do is not only change your filter but also have us out there and clean your coil, that will help prevent overworking the motor,” Stone said.

Technician Brandon Rouse responded to a service call for a maintenance checkup before the crisp cold snap.

“Checking like the fluid pipes and making sure there aren’t no holes or anything like that, if it is releasing carbon monoxide, make sure it is firing off fine, the gas pressures and all that…just safety concerns, but also making sure it is efficient, running properly,” Rouse said.

According to Rouse, the life of an HVAC system is usually 10 to 15 years.

Having a space heater could be handy if the heating system shuts down, but make sure it’s placed 3 ft or more from anything considered flammable.