Powerball drawing brings $1 million win in Elizabeth City

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WITN) -While no one won the $1 billion up for grabs in Monday’s Powerball drawing, there was a $1 million winning ticket here in eastern Carolina.

On Tuesday people were streaming in and out of the Zoom In #3 Elizabeth City buying lottery tickets and redeeming their prizes.

Store owner Sukhwant Kanwar says when he opened the store Tuesday morning he was overjoyed when someone came in with a ticket saying they won a million dollars.

“I’m so like well my reaction is like I’m just happy and I’m so excited somebody wins the million dollars and you know I always pray before I open the store in the morning,” says Kanwar.

Many people could be seen going in and out of the gas station buying or turning in lottery tickets. Joanna Hunt who has been buying lottery tickets at this store for 15 years said it was about time for a big prize to be won here.

Hunt thinks that more people will come to this location to try and get a lucky ticket

“I think so, I think they should. You know since it’s out there and if it gets out there people will be probably coming in more, ”says Hunt.

Brady White who manages in the Zoom In’s is excited for the customers it could potentially bring in. White thinks that if you have a few extra dollars to buy a lottery ticket you should as it could be life changing.

“I always believe that if you have the extra, you know if your bills are paid and food’s on the table and kids are taken care of if you have any. If you have that extra money then go for it, you never know. It could be a life-changing decision,” says White.

The $1 million prize was one of six $1 million prizes won nationally in Monday’s drawing.