Pollen: A pain for drivers and allergies

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – All it takes is a quick look outside to realize, pollen season is upon us.

For some, it is more than just a nuisance. It is a frustration shared by many this time of year, a thick yellow-green pollen is coating everything in sight, and car owners are finding themselves in a never-ending battle to keep their vehicles clean.

“But it’s driving me crazy, every time I walk out it’s yellow,” car owner, Parker Lancaster said.

According to the WITN First Alert Weather Team, the typical peak of pollen comes around April, but we are facing April-like levels now.

Lancaster is not alone. If you find yourself cleaning off this yellow dust every day, some recommend getting a car wash plan.

“That’s one thing you try not to factor in when you are trying to budget but you kind of have to live in an area that has the wind gusts moving in from the mountains bringing all the pollen in,” car owner, Jason Ussery said.

Now the question of why keep up with cleaning your car so often if the pollen comes right back? According to NAPA, leaving pollen to cover your car can damage the paint job. But car maintenance is just one item on the list of problems people face this season. Some say allergies take first place.

“I take allergy medicine every morning to try and avoid it,” Lancaster said.

The CDC recommends various treatment options such as over-the-counter medicine, nasal sprays, and even allergy shots to provide some relief.

According to Carolina Asthma and Allergy, this pollen season is not going anywhere fast, in fact, there will be various allergens around until September.