Police use deadly force against student with weapon outside Wisconsin middle school, officials say

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV/Gray News) – Officials in Wisconsin were tasked with reuniting children with their families Wednesday after an earlier lockdown for reports of a student with a weapon outside of an area middle school.

The Wisconsin attorney general and Mount Horeb School District superintendent confirmed Wednesday night police used deadly force against the student, who did die as a result of his injuries.

The Mount Horeb Area School District and law enforcement agencies took action Wednesday morning after the student, who was not yet identified by authorities other than being described as a male, was spotted with a weapon outside of the middle school, officials confirmed in a Facebook post.

The school district stated that the suspect did not get into the school on the 900 block of E. Garfield Street, and police have not found any additional suspects inside of the school.

The district reported that the “threat” was “neutralized outside of the building.”

An update posted around 12:10 p.m. indicated there were no reports of anyone hurt other than the suspect.

The district asked people not to come to the school campus as officers went through the property to ensure all students were safe.

“The safety and security of our students and staff is paramount,” the district stated. “We are following our emergency protocols. We will update you when we have more information to share.”

The Mount Horeb Police Department worked to reunite students with their families after it ensured everyone in the building was safe. Students in the intermediate center were evacuated and buses were used to escort them out of the school to a reunification site.

“You would be so proud of our students and staff, and we’re so grateful for our first responders,” the district added.

Parent Melissa Alvarado described the scary moments after hearing about the “safety threat.”

“I literally have one that left the middle school five minutes before the shooting happened,” Alvarado said. “My other one was on this side of the school when the shots were fired and she said all the teachers were telling the children, they were yelling telling all the kids to run to the other side of the school and then about a half hour later she called and said they were barricading doors.”

Brittany Rodriguez, a parent of four, said her son called her telling her he heard multiple shots.

“To get a call when you’re at work from your babies crying, saying there’s a shooting going on and we’re scared, and you’re 30 minutes away from them,” Rodriguez said.

Alyssa Kopsczynski, mother to 12-year-old Macy, said she heard all the sirens going off from her home.

“I live two blocks that way and hear all of these sirens going on and it’s one of those gut-wrenching feelings you never want to experience as a parent,” Kopsczynski said.

Her daughter described what she heard from inside of the school.

“Well there’s just a bunch of police officers that kept knocking on the door, making sure it was barricaded, and our sub that we had was by the door, ready, and we’re all just sitting there, quiet and texting our parents,” the seventh grader said.

Gov. Tony Evers posted on X that he was briefed on the situation at the middle school and was monitoring it.

“I am praying for the health and safety of our kids, educators, and staff and grateful for the first responders who are working quickly to respond,” Evers said.