Police: Law enforcement shoot dogs during attack that left one woman hospitalized

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WECT) – The Elizabethtown Police Department says that a woman has been hospitalized after she was attacked by two pit bulls.

Per a police spokesperson, the woman was walking up to knock on a door when she was attacked by two pit bulls at around noon on M.L.K. Drive in Elizabethtown. A Bladen County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the call at the same time. They pepper sprayed the dogs, but when one of the dogs wouldn’t stop attacking, they were forced to shoot it.

Another EPD officer arrived when the other dog started running toward them as if they were going to attack. The charging dog was also shot.

Whether the dogs died from their injuries is yet to be confirmed.

The woman was initially taken to Bladen Hospital, but there is no word about her condition so far.