Plymouth family speaks out about Washington County High School stabbing

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A family here in the east is speaking out after fights at Washington County High School left one cheerleader suspended and a student resource officer injured.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office tells WITN the deputy was stabbed with a pen, but the mother of the girl involved in a fight Friday night wants to tell her side of the story.

Friday at the Washington County High School basketball game, mother, Melanie Jackson, says there were three fights.

“I’m here to clear it up – the cheerleaders was not involved with a resource officer being stabbed,” said Jackson.

According to Jackson, one fight was between her daughter Brooke Blount, her varsity cheerleading coach, and another cheerleader.

The second, she says, was a verbal fight between a cheerleader and a fan, and she claims, the third was a fight between the varsity cheerleading coach, the cheerleading coach’s family member and her. She says that was the confrontation involving the Student Resource officer.

“Someone tried to disable like solved the problem. The officer kind of reacted, when she jumped she got hit and she kept saying ‘I got hit, I got hit’ and we were trying to explain that she got hit by mistake” said Jackson.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the fights. Chief Deputy Arlo Norman said he cannot comment on the ongoing investigation but they are reviewing video that shows who’s involved.

“There’s not too much information I can give at this time because it is on an ongoing investigation – but I am here to tell you… It was not that the officer got stabbed. That was not the case. She did not get stabbed and it was not dealing with no cheerleaders,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s daughter is the only one to be suspended at this point. She tells us she doesn’t understand why and feels like it’s favoritism.

WITN wanted to talk with the cheerleading coach. When we called the high school, they referred us to the superintendent who sent Jacyn Abbott’s a text on her phone with the statement she provided to us yesterday.