Pitt County Council on Aging anticipates volunteer shortages

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A number of items are in short supply this holiday season. Food and electronics have been lacking, but now volunteers to help senior citizens are also in need.

Right off Tenth Street in Greenville is a billboard catching the attention of drivers. It reads, “no senior should go hungry.”

As we enter the holiday season and cold weather inevitably grips Eastern North Carolina, the Pitt County Council on Aging hopes to spread awareness of the lack of resources for seniors.

Executive Director Rich Zeck is leading the initiative.

“Senior hunger is so very important because it impacts all of us,” Zeck said. “There’s no human being, child or senior, who should be going hungry, but seniors, in particular, are dramatically impacted this time of the year.”

One of the main causes of senior hunger this time of year is travel.

With fewer volunteers around assisting at the Pitt County Council on Aging, fewer seniors are taken care of.

According to Zeck, the organization feeds 350 people Monday through Friday and there are roughly 150 people on the waiting list to also be fed.

One of the many impacted is 80-year-old Joyce Pearson.

“Volunteering is so important to help get food out to the needy, those that can’t get to a place where the food is being served,” Pearson said.

The Pitt County Council on Aging runs into volunteer shortages every holiday season. It’s a problem Zeck hopes to avoid this year.

Anyone interested in volunteering at the Pitt County Council on Aging can visit here.

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