Piggly Wiggly closing for new highway interchange in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – NCDOT says traffic in a part of Jacksonville is going to be much better with plans in the works for a new highway.

Workers could be seen on Thursday clearing the stock to prepare to close the Piggly Wiggly store on Richlands Highway.

Shopper Vanessa McIntire says she’s concerned about her daughter and son-in-law who both work at the supermarket.

“They’re not really sure right now, so as of the end of the month they’re looking for jobs so, i don’t know, i don’t know, my son-in law may move with the company, but it may not work out so yup, they’re both looking for jobs” says McIntire.

According to NCDOT, the building will be torn down for construction of the US 258/NC 53/NC 24 interchange.

Senior Project Manager Trace Howell says the existing intersection is below standards from a traffic operations standpoint.

“Level of service f is your failing, D is a little bit better than that so this location you would say, likely is failing, today, so we would target for a level of service C or better so I don’t have the exact numbers but that is what we are shooting for” says Howell.

The owner of this Piggly Wiggly location declined to comment.

Mcintire says she is not happy about what the construction project is doing.

“And it makes me mad they’re putting all these little businesses out, out of business” says McIntire.

The NCDOT says construction on the interchange is expected to begin summer 2027 and will take about three to four years to complete.