Phillip’s First Alert Forecast: Bright and cold Saturday then milder Sunday

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Plenty of sunshine and a light breeze will be with us on a chilly Saturday. Highs will ease up to the low and mid 40s, so have a coat and sunglasses for the day. Sunday will be milder with highs in the mid 60s with clouds increasing throughout the day. Rain will roll through ENC Sunday night into Monday morning and we can expect up to an inch of rain across the area. Temperatures will tumble after the rain falls. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we will drop to 20 degrees which is the coldest we have been since January of 2019.


Sunny and cold. High reaching 44. Wind: NE 5.


Mostly sunny early with clouds increasing during the afternoon. High of 64. Wind: S 10-15 G 20. Rain arrives late evening.


Rain early in the morning then clouds thin. High of 64 around 1am then breezy with temps dropping to a daytime high of 48. Wind: N 15 G 20.


Sunny and cold. High 36. Wind NE 5-10. Low 20

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