People in Greenville concerned with road conditions of busy roundabout

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Cars dodging potholes, low spots, and driving through puddles of water that aren’t from the rain can be seen every day at the Portertown roundabout.

“It’s not a smooth surface, for sure,” said Tim Reeder, Republican North Carolina House District 9 Representative.

The rough road conditions at the traffic circle have been a topic of discussion around Greenville for several months. In fact, a group of residents even created a Facebook page to express their concerns.

Some of those messages reached Reeder, who says he spoke with the North Carolina Department of Transporation about the cause.

“There was a spring underneath that roundabout, that was keeping the pavement wet from below,” Reeder said. “That was causing the asphalt to deteriorate. What they told us, is that they’re going to try to divert that water, which will fix the underlying problem.”

People who drive through the roundabout often, say they’ve been searching for answers about the road conditions for quite some time. Reeder says he believes that’s where he can come in to help.

“One of the things that’s important to me in my role as a Representative of Pitt County is to help citizens navigate state government,” Reeder said. “There’s a lot of great people in the state government, who are here trying to solve problems and make things better.”

The traffic circle is located near Fire Tower Road, which Reeder says is one of the busiest roadways in Greenville and he would know because he also has to drive through that area.

“I know that you have to be careful when the pavements not smooth, especially if it’s in the rain,” Reeder said. “I think encouraging people until it is fixed, just show a little bit of caution as they go through there.”

Reeder says the NCDOT told him during their conversation, that they’re going to do their best to fix the pavement completely.

He was told the work should start in the next few months and should keep the asphalt in good repair until the Fire Tower Road project begins in a few years.