Pantego residents face major flooding

PANTEGO, N.C. (WITN) – Pantego, a small town in Beaufort County faced a big issue after a storm that came through the east Sunday night and brought heavy rainfall, debris, and strong winds.

Residents in this town woke up to their homes, businesses, roads, and vehicles surrounded by water as a result of a backed-up culvert and heavy rain. A culvert that is supposed to be kept clear by the DOT instead has been slowly being filled over the years with grass and wheat, leaving the water with nowhere else to go except back into homes.

“My animals are all standing in water, and the water is all up under the barn and the equipment,” resident, Lina Newberry said.

WITN reached out to Andrew Barksdale, spokesman for NCDOT in Raleigh who was aware of the complaints and issues facing residents in Pantego and did make clear a team from the DOT will be out Tuesday morning, December 19th to not only clear the culvert but also discuss what plan of action needs to be taken place to assure this does not keep happening.

“Every time we have a heavy rainfall, we have to deal with the debris getting in front of the..the water won’t go through it because of all the stuff that blocks the water,” Newberry said.

Residents who have lived in the town for over 20 years continue to see the flooding get worse, ever since they started building the area up to allow for more roads.

“Ever since they have repaved Loop Road over there, they have built a dam up and it’s letting all the water get trapped up here so this is where we are at right now,” Eric Sawyer said.

Residents got together to start clearing out some of the grass and debris in the way of the culvert earlier in the morning and are hopeful the DOT does come out and fix this issue.