Pandemic recovery efforts for teachers underway in NC

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges by having to reframe environments that were normal to many, and one of those is the educational setting.

According to Annette Konoske-Graf, the director of the regional initiative at “Teach NC”, the pandemic challenges added to the ongoing issue of teacher shortages.

“Some studies have shown more educators responding to surveys that they are possibly more likely to leave the profession,” Konoske-Graf said.

According to the Pitt County School’s beginning teachers program coordinator Courtney Adkins, the pandemic was rough for teachers here in the East.

“It’s just not being able to be there with their students every day to really reinforce the consistency and all those pieces that are necessary for them to retain the learning that is taking place throughout the school year,” Adkins shared.

That is why the State Department of Public Instruction and Teach NC’s pandemic recovery efforts are underway.

The $3,00,000 fund lifts the financial burden off teachers and provides study materials for licensure exams.

“We want to make sure folks feel prepared when taking that exam and here’s why. Twenty percent of aspiring educators who take the practice exams in North Carolina never pass,” Konoske-Graf added.

Educators coming into or serving in Pitt County Schools have seen the positive impacts of these recovery efforts.

“Definitely a great resource and opportunity our teachers can take advantage of,” Adkins said.