‘Our duty to answer the call’: Greenville business supports those impacted by Hurricane Fiona

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Hurricane Fiona has left destruction in its wake throughout the Caribbean with heavy winds and rain. One Greenville business is ready to step in after their loved ones have experienced the devastation of the storm.

Jay Bastardo, Villa Verde’s owner, says, “The little things that we normally don’t think about and take for granted here in the United States, over there is a jewel, so we’re going to help and not just sit back and do nothing.”

For Bastardo, up-to-date technology has been a helpful tool in the process of communicating with his family in the Dominican Republic.

“The beauty of technology is that we now can see each other, Facetime to make sure they can show me the damages, and now it’s a matter of us putting the resources together financially and anything we can send down to the island,” Bastardo said. “Now it’s our duty to answer the call.”

Others like Villa Verde’s chef John Santana aren’t so lucky as they await a response from family members in the impacted areas.

“We’re hoping that God comes through once again and that things will be back to somewhat normal, at least having a conversation with them,” Santana said.

In this time of desperation and need, Villa Verde is committed to serving those in need as best as they can.

“Our country needs us, our community needs us. I have two great countries that I serve and now it’s my turn to do something for my native home and we’re going to answer the call,” Bastardo said.

WITN’s First Alert Weather Team will continue tracking this storm and others throughout hurricane season.

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