Organizations weigh in on abortion topic ahead of upcoming November election

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – 1 in 8 voters say abortion is the most important issue to their vote, according to a KFF study, ahead of this November’s election.

Pro-life and pro-choice organizations are encouraging voters to do their research on the hot-button topic before heading to the polls.

“These elected officials have the power to either restore access to abortion or restrict it even more and we must elect champions of reproductive freedom up and down the ballot this year,” Jillian Riley, Planned Parenthood North Carolina Public Affairs Director, told WITN.

A recent study by KFF reports that many voters see the 2024 election as a high-stakes election for determining the future of access to abortion and contraception.

This is as Former President Donald Trump has said the issue should be decided by states and voters, and the Biden Administration vows to continue pushing for reproductive rights.

Beth Mull, Love Life Triad Area Director says “We know that laws do save lives, so laws are really important and electing Godly leaders. We believe in life from the womb up until you’re in nursing homes and things like that. We want to promote this culture of love and light.”

“We believe that every person should have the freedom to decide if, when, and how they should have children or start a family without politicians interfering. Abortion is deeply personal and that should be free from government interference,” Riley also told WITN.

Riley also says it’s not just the presidential election that matters. “In 2024, North Carolinians will elect a new governor, a lieutenant governor, attorney general, in the state legislature, and more.”

Mull told WITN that the topic of abortion goes far beyond the ballot. “Even though it’s been made a political issue, it really is a heart issue.”

Planned Parenthood reports that since the Dobbs decision of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, 32% of abortions have been provided to patients traveling from out of state.

More information on Planned Parenthood and Love Life can be found on their websites.