Organization holds race for awareness in Washington

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) – An organization here in Eastern Carolina held a race with the goal of making a difference in the fight against addiction, substance abuse, and suicide.

The race was on in Washington Saturday, as hundreds of people came out for a good cause.

“Any opportunity we get to be able to give back and support a cause that helps others, it is a great way to spend a Saturday morning,” said 10K runner Bobby Edwards.

The Exodus Run, which includes a 5k and a 10k race, was hosted by F3 Washington. F3, standing for faith, fitness, and fellowship, is a men’s workout group that focuses on raising awareness for substance abuse, mental illness, addiction, and suicide.

F3 Washington member Brian Ward said he knew action needed to be taken to combat these issues.

“We kept hearing over and over people saying ‘Hey pray for my cousin or brother that’s suffering from addiction or somebody’s husband just committed suicide’ and we kept hearing it over and over for years so we decided to try to do something about it in Eastern North Carolina,” Ward said.

Substance abuse, mental illness, addiction, and suicide affect every family in the ENC, according to F3 Washington member Seth Edwards, and said this race will not only bring these issues to light but also focus on building leadership among men.

“People should know there is hope and there are resources out there for you if you’re struggling with mental illness or substance abuse.

According to Ward, the money raised from the race will go to the court system, as well as other organizations such as Celebrate Recovery and Dare Challenge, a men’s substance abuse clinic.

“Eastern North Carolina is a wonderful place and we’re trying to do everything we can to keep it that way,” Ward said.