Ophelia activity intensifies in beach areas

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Rough tides, aggressive winds, and heavy rain.

The impacts of Tropical Storm Ophelia are being seen all across the east, but especially by the water, at Atlantic Beach and Morehead City.

Atlantic Beach is no stranger to storms like this, so town officials already had prep work done.

“With this particular storm, we didn’t have a 96-hour notice but we don’t have a lot of preparation so we are standing ready at any given point if anything were to happen,” Atlantic Beach Fire Department Chief Michael Simpson. “Basically just another day at Atlantic Beach, just with more rain and wind.”

Simpson says his only concern in this type of weather would be the standing flood water from the rain since the town sits low to sea level…which is also the main concern for local businesses.

“Restaurants down here really don’t like storms, obviously because people stay in their houses,” said seafood business owner Tripp Patrick. “Fish sales are a little bit down during the storm, but hopefully, it will pick right back up. I mean, you really can’t stop it. I don’t know, you can’t change the land, other than bring in dirt or something.”

Patrick says residents near common flooding areas in the east are also prepped for this storm.

He says it is important to always have your generators ready for power outages.

The Atlantic Beach Fire Department will continue to monitor the storm activity.