Onslow County holds training to keep students safe in emergencies

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina school district is learning the best ways to reunite parents and kids in the event of a school emergency.

Onslow County Schools partnered with ‘I Love You Guys,’ a foundation that helps keep schools safe through different programs.

The foundation started after two parents lost their daughter in school violence, and all they got was a text message that said ‘I Love You guys.’

Now, Onslow County Schools wants to make sure no parent goes through something that here in the east.

The school district put together a training session to help improve and enforce safety if any type of emergency were to happen from a gas leak to a fire in the building.

Brenden Gartner, the Chief of Operations for Onslow County Schools says, “Any of those situations where students had to be brought off campus and reunited with their family quickly and safely.”

People such as school district staff, law enforcement and members of the community were put in scenarios to learn different techniques on how to make sure students and parents are safe.

“Whenever we had 18 to 20 children that we were trying to reunify,” said Emily Feagle, the Lead School Social Worker, “The wait was short, but when you are standing in the line it doesn’t feel short.”

Morgan Hugoboom is a parent whose child attends an elementary school in Onslow County. She says if she were ever in a situation where she couldn’t talk or speak with her son, she doesn’t know what she would do.

“All I would want to do is get in the building and see my kid,” said Hugoboom.

Though school officials, law enforcement, the community college, and members of the community gained knowledge on safety, they hope to never have to use it.

“I hope that statistically,” said Hugoboom, “It is not something that we continue to see and just hope that you are not the parent getting the phone call.”

This is the second year the district has taken part in the training. However, it was the first year partnered with ‘I Love You Guys.”

The program is in case the unexpected happens and students need to get removed from the school building. Onslow County Schools says that the student will be sent to a different location to get reunited with parents. The district asks for parents to stay patient with them if they are ever in an emergency type of situation.