Oakwood Students stage fairy tale trial of Goldilocks

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Some local elementary students staged a fairy tale trial to improve their creativity and learn about the legal system.

Fourth and fifth graders at the Oakwood School in Greenville put Goldilocks on trial Tuesday accused of stealing porridge and damaging property belonging to the three bears.

The students have been studying fractured fairy tales in which kids are challenged to take existing tales and change aspects of the story like the characters, setting or time.

The kids portrayed the prosecution and defense as well as witnesses, bailiffs, and the jury.

Their English teacher, Mary Tircarico says it was a fun way to help kids think about storytelling before the holidays. “They just had a good time. I wanted them to have fun. It was kind of a culminating activity so getting ready for Thanksgiving break.”

In the end, Goldilocks was found not guilty by the jury while Greenville Mayor PJ Connelly served as a guest judge overseeing the trial.

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