Northside community sends off baseball and softball teams to state finals series, teams led by father and son

PINETOWN, N.C. (WITN) – It is state baseball and softball championship weekend. Northside-Pinetown sent off both their baseball team and their softball team Thursday morning to play in the best-of-three series in 1A.

“It’s all about these kids and these parents,” says Northside Head Softball Coach Keith Boyd, “And the moment they get to experience, and the memories they will make for the rest of their lives.”

The softball coach Keith Boyd is the father of the baseball coach Parker Boyd and it means a lot to the family to be going to state together.

“Real special year for us both,” says Northside Head Baseball Coach Parker Boyd, “Him being at softball and making it, us making it, it’s just a real special year.”

For Parker, it has been a lifetime looking up to his dad.

“Honestly, I just try to do everything like he would do it,” says Parker.

Both teams have been pushing each other to be great all spring

“The relationship between the boys team and the girls team is really close,” says Northside senior Brandon Arthur, “And we are supporting each other day in and day out. We are going to be cheering them on and they are going to be cheering us on.”

Cheering loudly for one another, just part of the support coming loudly from Panther Nation.

“We have great a great community. They backed us 100 percent. We saw that through our playoff run,” Parker says, “It is not just today, the whole playoff run has been special with the amount of support we have gotten from our communty.”

Greene Central baseball and South Central baseball are also in the mix for state titles. They play Friday and Saturday In 2A and 3A respectively.

Jacksonville girls soccer will also play for the 3A title in the Charlotte area on Saturday afternoon.