North Carolina justice suing over diversity comments investigation

RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) – A justice on our state’s supreme court has filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina’s Judicial Standards Commission.

The commission is investigating Anita Earls for comments she made to the legal journal ‘Law Three-60.′

In an article, Earls said white men get more respect and are treated better when making arguments before states’ courts.

Now, Earls is suing to stop an action against her.

Earls expanded by saying those biases are implicit and not conscious racial animus.

It was enough for The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission to re-open an investigation into her.

The earlier investigation into her resulted in a warning that was over allegations that she disclosed confidential information about the court.

Earls claims her comments are protected under the First Amendment.

The commission could remove Earls from the bench if it finds that she violated the state’s judicial standards.