Nonprofit helps 4-year-old boy and family ahead of Christmas

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina nonprofit is helping a Winterville family pay for medical modifications to their home.

Greyson Matthew is the youngest son of Marenda and Todd Ausbon. According to the campaign created by Greyson’s grandmother, when he was almost 5 months old, Greyson was diagnosed with partial seizure disorder and infantile spasms, a form of epilepsy.

The campaign posted by Alice Huggins is asking for funds to help their family modify their home in order to better serve Greyson, a boy who Huggins writes, “is the sweetest, most loving and caring child that God could have ever given us.”

Greyson’s family uses walkers, oxygen tanks, and many other items to help him survive, and the items take up a lot of space in his family’s home.

When local nonprofit Purple Diamond Divas Social Club heard of Greyson’s situation, they pledged to provide a check to his family.

With the money given, the family will add an extra room to their house that will be used as a handicap-accessible area, something Greyson’s mom has been dreaming of.

The nonprofit presented the check to Greyson’s family at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday at their home.

“It’s A good feeling,” April Becton, Purple Diamond Divas president said. “That’s what Purple Diamond Divas is all about. We enjoy getting back. We enjoy doing for our community because it makes us feel good just to do our part.”

The Divas also included Greyson’s brother Easton and gave him a gift card for Christmas.

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