Non-profits see increase in donations around the holidays

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Tis the season for giving as many families are donating some of the things they may not need anymore heading into 2024, with 30% of all annual donations being made in December to non-profits.

Whether cleaning out their closets and homes this December to declutter before they ring in the New Year or they just may be in the spirit to give this holiday season, either way, non-profits are noticing the increase in donations

“Definitely towards the end of the year. I remember at our old store, we took an extra day out of our time off for New Year just to take in donations, and we think we had maybe 30 or 40 that day,” said Thomas Silvernail, the Greenville Habitat for Humanity Restore Manager.

Another reason people wait until the end of the year is tax deductions. For charitable donations to qualify for this year, they must be made by midnight Sunday.

While non-profits are certainly grateful for the December influx, many say they need donations 365 days a year.

“We are really in need of cleaning supplies. We have a big 25-bedroom house here in Greenville, so we have a lot of space to keep clean. Laundry detergent is always needed, but we also really need gift cards, gift cards to grocery stores to food so we can get food for our families,” said Caleb Turk, with Community Engagement for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern NC

Regardless, they are grateful for the support and donations they do see while keeping donations to help local families.

‘We are completely independently run and funded by our community, so your donations stay here in eastern North Carolina and make a big impact on local families,” said Turk.

Ronald McDonald House says they take donations from 8 am to 8 pm but are open 24/7, and Habitat for Humanity says they take donations from 930 to 5 pm. However, both non-profits do have donations they will not take, including mattresses or box springs, at Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House, which won’t take those particular items used due to health and safety reasons.