Non-profit organization’s trash trap collects garbage in ENC waters

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An environmental group in the east says its mission is to fight dirty to protect our planet. The group put a device in place to keep a waterway from getting too trashy.

Rebecca Reibel says she is proud to volunteer with Sound Rivers at Greensprings Park in Greenville on Wednesday.

She says it’s amazing how much garbage can build up over so little time.

“I found like ten aluminum cans stuck in the sediment, you know and like you can see like plastic bags hanging on the side,” says Reibel.

Volunteer Coordinator Emily Fritz says over time, items like plastic bottles, takeout containers and plastic bags break down into microscopic pieces and settle in the water and the soil.

She says the trash trap anchored at the banks of Green Mills Run will capture floating debris and prevent it from moving downstream to the Tar River and out into the ocean.

“They are really effective in removing trash. They also are a great visual representation of where trash ends up if it’s not disposed of properly and it’s a beautiful way for our community to come together,” says Fritz.

Over the past two years, one ton of garbage has been collected from the trash traps installed on Jack’s Creek in Washington, Duffyfield Canal in New Bern, Little Rock Creek in Raleigh and Adkin Branch in Kinston.

Reibel says people need to understand a little litter goes a long way.

“If we can kind of stop it where it comes from then we don’t have to worry about the problems that we get in the ocean later on,” says Reibel.

Fritz says Sound Rivers is always looking for volunteers who can regularly check to see if a trap is full and with gear provided, willing to wade into the water and clean it out.

The Greenville Trash Trap is sponsored by Grady-White Boats, Luke Garrison Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Fabrication and the Winston Family Foundation.