New regulations set by the Biden Administration for cleaner drinking water

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A groundbreaking development in making sure people have clean water, as the Biden Administration finalized the limits with the EPA on PFAs, also known as forever chemicals.

Jamie Dewitt, a PFAS scientist, says this is a huge step forward under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

With the new regulation, two types of PFAS, which are PFOA and PFOS are limited to 4 parts per trillion for their maximum contaminant level.

“Two PFAS that are PFOA and PFOS are the two PFAs that have been used for the longest period of time so they have been fairly well studied in laboratories and human studies for many years so there is a lot of data for their health effects.

Those health effects are cancer, high cholesterol, and developmental toxicity with long exposure.

In comparison, the 2022 Department of Environmental Quality data shows that Fayetteville Water Works tested at 63.9, Greenville at 5.26, City of Rocky Mount at 8.58, and Neuse Regional at 7.01 parts per trillion.

Greenville Utilities added that the sample tested was taken from the river water before treatment.

Greenville Utilities is testing the Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration system, one of the technologies to reduce PFAS level.

“One of the things we are still studying is what this filtration system is going to do for us. So, we’ve already had 6 months of promising results so another 6 months or a year then we will be able to say we will go ahead and start with the implementation and possibly replacing the other media and filters.”

The water plant also recently expanded with features such as a super pulsator to filter the water better.