New Lenoir County animal shelter now at capacity

LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina shelter is now at full capacity just months after moving to a new multi-million dollar building.

Lenoir County SPCA is now working to find a solution to the major problem.

“We’re in the midst of puppy and kitten season and that’s when all shelters get full,” Lenoir County SPCA Rescue Coordinator Tiffinie Jarman said.

Every cage is filled with a furry friend looking for a home. Jarman said they became full following a parvo outbreak two weeks ago. During the outbreak, dogs were still coming in from animal control but none could leave as they were put in quarantine.

On Monday, the quarantine was lifted but the surplus of pets was still there, as they now have 61 dogs and 71 cats.

“We definitely knew it was going to get full,” Jarman said. “The need for space is everywhere and we definitely knew we were going to get full quickly.”

The new shelter opened in March and is a big upgrade from their prior building as they can hold double the amount of dogs and cats. After hearing the news about the shelter being at capacity, residents are speaking up about why spaying and neutering are important.

“You don’t need to have more puppies and cats around I mean most people don’t want all that, they just want that one dog so they need to spay and neuter,” Thomas Clark said.

Vet Tech Kimberly Copp said she hopes that getting the word out about spaying and neutering can help give pets a second chance.

“To keep the shelters empty,” Copp said. “To keep all of the animals off the streets and to have them in a home they’re actually cared for.”

According to Jarman, due to them being a direct intake shelter, they will still be accepting animals. She said they are pushing for adoptions and reaching out to rescues across the state and beyond to find these animals a fur-ever home!

Head to Lenoir County SPCA to learn more about adoptions.