New Greenville welcome sign divides local opinion

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A new sign welcoming drivers to Greenville has sparked mixed reactions among residents, with some praising its design while others remain uncertain.

Installed Monday on the eastbound side of I-587 near the intersection with Highway 264 and the Highway 11 Bypass, the sign features an ECU-inspired cupola and green shading, prominently displaying “Welcome to Greenville.”

“We needed something more prominent for visitors and locals alike,” explained Greenville Communications Manager Brock Letchworth. “Whether you’re here for the first time or returning, we want everyone to feel Greenville’s presence.”

Resident opinions vary. “It doesn’t really rock my world,” said Pauline Denney. Richard Denney countered, “It’s nice, definitely a step up.”

Samantha Goodman found the sign’s blend of old and modern intriguing. “The dome shape next to it reminds me of old churches in Charleston, South Carolina.”

The sign’s cost, estimated between $275,000 and $300,000, has raised eyebrows among some residents. “I feel like that’s a bit much,” commented Goodman. “I’d prefer to see that money go into upgrading parks.”

Letchworth defended the investment, seeing it as a step towards raising Greenville’s profile. He added that surrounding areas will be landscaped in the coming weeks, with lights to be installed by the Greenville Utilities Commission.