New Bern High School upping security with metal detectors

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – A high school here in the east is proactively adding security with metal detectors at its large events.

Rumors of metal detectors being put into New Bern High School circulated among students on social media over the holiday break, according to sophomore Sophie Sullivan.

“A bunch of people have been posting about them. Like there’s this one specific picture it is annexed to the door where the kids come in from the buses,” said Sullivan

It wasn’t until Monday – that the rumors were put to rest by a Facebook post stating:

“Beginning January 9th, 2023 New Bern High School will be using metal detectors and checking bags at the most heavily attended events” like graduation, school dances, football games, and basketball games according to Principal Jerry Simmons.

“This is for when we are inviting the community out onto our campus with the goal of making sure all our students are safe but also all of our attendees safe,” said Simmons.

The hope is the two metal detectors will serve as a deterrent. Simmons says the goal is to make sure everyone can fully enjoy everything the school has going on.

“I want to emphasize, in no way is this saying that we have had any unsafe acts happen at our events, but there are always opportunities to improve,” said Simmons.

It’s hoped the metal detectors will make a safe school even safer for not only the parent’s peace of mind but also the students like freshman Stella Stepp.

“I’m glad we do have it for events because bad things happen at other schools and I don’t want it to happen at New Bern,” said Stepp.