New Bern church hosts cookie walk for charity

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – Helping the community one cookie at a time is the motto of the Christ Episcopal Church’s annual Cookie Walk.

After being canceled last year due to the pandemic, cookie lovers lined up early on Saturday to get their favorite homemade treats and all they needed was a glass of milk.

“I bake a lot,” said parish baker Tony Embrey. “It’s a stress reliever!”

Alongside Embry, members of the congregation secured their aprons and got to work making treat for the bake sale.

The money earned for their efforts is put back into the community through a local non-profit grant program.

“It’s not just an effort for us to keep the lights on in the parish,” said event organizer Pam Miller. “Every cent that comes in here goes out in these community grants.”

Word got out about the cookies, and business was booming before the doors were even open.

“Before 10 o’clock, we had people lining up,” said Miller. “We had volunteers that were out there with a sample tray to show people some of the things we had to sell.”

The 22nd annual occurrence of the event needed a larger space to fill.

“It has started sort of as a cottage industry in the parish hall and has moved to our bigger space here in the Harrison Center,” said Miller. “We hope that this year was a good winner for us because of COVID we were not able to host this last fall.”

Organizers made changes to the protocol of this year’s sale including requiring masks and individually wrapping each treat, but the traditions are still alive.

“I’m known for the rum cakes every year in the parish,” said Embrey. “Last year because of COVID I made 20 rum cakes and took prepaid orders for the church. This year I said I would do 30.”

The rum cakes sold like hot cakes, as did the cookie trays.

“What’s not to like about a cookie?” exclaimed Miller. “Helping out the community one cookie at a time, we say, is out motto. It really comes to life when we open the doors.”

Submissions to be considered as a recipient for the church’s grant money open next year.

Any local charity in need of funds is encouraged to apply to the Christ Episcopal Church.

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