Neighbors of Wahl-Coates Elementary School in Greenville react to shooting

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Residents who live near Wahl-Coates Elementary School say they were shaken up by a shooting on Wednesday.

But by the looks of the area in the afternoon, one would never suspect a tragedy occurred earlier that morning.

According to the Greenville Police Department, at around 8:30 am, staff and students went on lockdown when gunshots were heard outside the building on Fifth Street.

Stephen Thomas says he’s felt safe living in the community for the most part, but now he’s concerned for his family’s safety.

“My son heard the four shots and then he kinda came out and didn’t really see anything, and went back in and came back out again and he saw the kid laying down on the sidewalk, and then there was several more shots down the street, and that’s when all the police and everything started coming in,” says Thomas.

WITN obtained surveillance video of the suspected gunman riding a bicycle before he was located by the police.

Jeremy Borellis says the incident impacts him in more ways than one because on a normal day, he would be on the exact path on his way to work at East Carolina University.

“That’s typically my morning commute to work at ECU and so people were reaching out thinking that I was involved or in it or possibly that I was the victim but I’m on paternity leave,” says Borelli.

Meanwhile, police say nearby St. Peter Catholic School was also put on a modified lockdown. The lockdowns at both schools have since been lifted.

Thomas says after living in the area for the past 29 years, he is worried about the future.

“I’m concerned about it that somebody would just take a shot especially when we come out here at night, that somebody is just going to take a shot for the fun of it,” says Thomas.

The Greenville Police Department had a squad car posted at the school for the remainder of the day.