NCIS closes case on TikTok video claiming body buried at Camp Lejeune

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WITN) – Navy investigators have closed the case of a video posted on social media where a man claims to have helped bury a body at Camp Lejeune.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service tells WITN that it finished its investigation in November “after finding no evidence of a crime or any additional subjects.”

The video was posted on TikTok in mid-October. The caption claims a sergeant based at Camp Lejeune, along with two other Marines buried the body.

In the video, the man is speaking to a woman and says the victim was a “biker dude”, killed after a fight outside a nightspot in Sneads Ferry.

The three put the body in the back of a truck and looked for a place to dispose of the body, according to the video.

The man, who said he was the designated driver, said at first they wanted to dump the body in a jetty but a military police vehicle scared them off. He said they then went to a seldom-used landing zone on base.

“At the very end of that LZ if you walk into the woods, like 20 to 30 feet into those woods, ‘cause no one uses that LZ, you dig like 10 feet down and there’s a f***in’ dead body,” the man in the video said.

The video did not say when the man was killed or exactly where the body was buried on the Marine Corps base.

NCIS said no charges were filed because of the video.