NCDOT completes construction on K-intersection with hopes to limit wrecks

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – We’ve been following a story about a Pitt County intersection since last year. Residents were concerned about the higher-than-average number of wrecks seen at the crossroads. Now, NCDOT is working to try to relieve the issue.

33 wrecks have occurred at the intersection of NC 903, Red Forbes, and Pocosin Road within a four-year period, fifteen of which caused injury.

“We were all concerned as residents and neighbors of Pitt County that we wanted to protect lives, not harm them, and this intersection was certainly doing that,” said Pitt County resident Earl Bunch.

After three years of planning, NCDOT says construction meant to help the intersection should be finished on Friday.

“During the investigation, the most cost-efficient was to do a realignment from a k-intersection to go to a typical crossroads and make it an all-way stop,” said Divison 2 Traffic Engineer Jim Evans.

After living so close to where the wrecks have happened, Bunch said, “There’s a bad wreck; no matter what time of day or night, I can hear it.

Bunch and his neighbors are thankful NCDOT is finally doing something. “I think that’ll turn out to be a good thing; lives will be saved, and people’s health will be better off with fewer wrecks here,”

Many of the crashes were high-impact. Evan says while there should be fewer now, if one were to occur, it wouldn’t be as severe. “Everyone should be coming to a complete stop so if there happens to be any accidents, it would be a low impact front end crash,”

While the stop signs are already in and the road construction is mostly completed, Evans said next week that crews would have to come back and remove the inside lane of an existing curve.

Evans also wants to remind drivers that there will be a new traffic pattern and to slow down until you can figure out the four-way stop.