NC lawmakers react to Trump conviction

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Here’s what NC lawmakers are saying about former President Trump’s conviction in his hush money trial:

Democratic Congressman Don Davis (NC-01), issued the following statement regarding the jury’s verdict on former President Donald Trump:

“Our country operates under the rule of law. The jury, with the most intimate knowledge of the case, has delivered its verdict, and former President Donald Trump now has the right to seek an appeal.”

Republican Congressman Greg Murphy (NC-03) posted on Facebook, ” Today’s verdict against President Trump is the product of seven years of Democrats lying, fabricating and grasping at anything to take him down. We are officially a banana republic.”

Republican Senator Thom Tillis issued the following statement:

“I am shocked by the verdict considering that this case should have never been brought forward. From the beginning, it was clear that a radical, politically-motivated state prosecutor was using the full weight of his office to go after President Trump at the same time he turned a blind eye to violent criminals. I expect and hope that President Trump will appeal this verdict to address fundamental questions, including whether President Trump received a fair trial and whether the Manhattan D.A. even had jurisdiction on a federal election matter.”

Republican Senator Ted Budd posted on Facebook, “Today’s verdict is a total disgrace. Previous district attorney’s, federal prosecutors, and the Federal Election Commission all chose not to pursue this for a clear reason: President Trump committed no crime. President Trump deserves the same Constitutional rights as any American. But from the start, this was a rigged charade designed to weaponize the justice system to interfere in the presidential election and hurt President Trump. If Americans can be found guilty of a crime based on underlying allegations that were never charged, all of our Constitutional rights are at risk.”