NC DOT hasn’t started on “K” intersection; what was supposed to be done in last year

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A Pitt County intersection looks a little different than most, with NC 903, Red Forbes, and Pocosin Road forming the shape of a K.

Some try to avoid the area due to confusion, while others choose to go another way due to the high number of wrecks.

“I go back to down Red Forbes to Forlines to try to avoid that whole intersection because they are on their phones, they’re distracted, they’re speeding,” said Earl Bunch, a Pitt County Resident.

In April 2023, NCDOT said it planned to realign part of one of the roads and add an all-way stop, but it obtained some materials for the job in August, the month the project was expected to be completed.

“We finally got all of our right away certifications back in August 2023, right before school was getting ready to start,” said NC DOT Division 2 Traffic Engineer Jim Evans.

With some progress being made. “They were surveying and putting out stakes, and that lasted about a week or about a week and a half, and then we haven’t seen them, or they have done anything positive with that intersection,” said Bunch.

But it’s not enough for some residents who live in a neighborhood right behind the intersection.

“There is definitely a problem over there since there’s a lot of accidents that happen over there regularly,” said Phillip Benz, another Pitt County Resident.

Now, the new timeline is this summer. “We have that project now planned to start the week of June the 10th of 2024, so we can have the project constructed and built and opened back up before school starts,” said Evans.

Evans also wants to remind drivers who pass through the area to proceed with caution, especially in the morning and afternoon, as there are two schools near this intersection.

The NC DOT started to study the area in 2010. Between 2010 and 2020, there were 34 wrecks at the intersection. Evans said that if any area has more than ten wrecks in a 10-year period, it calls for an all-way stop or the start of an investigation.