National Animal Care and Control appreciation week

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Pitt County Animal Services is celebrating its staff and volunteers as its National Animal Care and Control Appreciation week.

Wednesday night these dedicated workers gathered together to celebrate with a bridge lighting.

The Greene Street Bridge was lit up in yellow to recognize the hard work of animal care and control employees.

Workers and even some furry friends gathered to mark their appreciation week.

The supervisor for Greenville Animal Protection Services, Douglas White looks forward to the special week.

“We don’t get a chance to do it often but when we do get a chance to get together it’s really enjoyable. We get to swap stories and just enjoy each other’s company. It a wonderful time we can have together,” says White.

Animal care and control workers do a lot in the community, such as protecting the public from diseases animals may have, and rescuing animals from abuse, injuries, and starvation.

Animal Service director Chad Singleton says that shelters in North Carolina are constantly busy as there is such a big population of animals.

“In North Carolina in general it’s an overpopulation of animals so lots and lots of work has to be done,” says Singleton.

While it’s long hours and long days, he says seeing animals and the public safe is rewarding.

“It’s enjoyable, it’s tiring, it is a lot of mental strength because of what we have to deal with sometimes but it’s very rewarding and very enjoyable to do. I love what I do,” says White.

This Friday they have their award ceremony which will recognize the animal control officer of the year and also the shelter employee of the year.

For more information about Pitt County Shelters visit: or call 252-902-1725