Natalie’s First Alert Forecast: Weekend full of sunshine & low humidity

Natalie’s First Alert Forecast: Weekend full of sunshine & low humidity

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – It’s going to be an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Eastern Carolina!

Starting with temperature, Saturday will get up to a high of 89F and then the 90s will return come Sunday. But back to today, lots of sunshine with few clouds passing through particularly along the coast. There is the chance to see a few sprinkles around 7 p.m. through midnight. Enjoy the cool breeze across ENC courtesy of winds coming in from the north!

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO GINGER!!! (Forecaster Natalie Parsons's dog)

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO GINGER!!! (Forecaster Natalie Parsons’s dog)

Then in terms of humidity, Saturday morning will feel great as the low humidity allows temperatures to fall into the 60s. Some spots along the water may still feel the humidity and stay in the 70s overnight. Highs reach the upper 80s for most on Saturday.

After another comfortable morning Sunday, heat and humidity build back in by the afternoon. Highs in the low 90s will feel like the mid to upper 90s.

MUGGY METER (8.19.2023)

MUGGY METER (8.19.2023)

Monday and Tuesday will be the hottest days of the week. Humidity won’t be as high as it has been but the heat index could still approach 105°F.

High pressure to the west and northerly flow over the Carolinas next week should keep any tropical system away for the next week. After that, we’ll have to see what’s still out there. The biggest threats to the US for now will be Hillary in the Desert Southwest and a disturbance in the Gulf could bring heavy rain to South Texas/Mexico.

TROPICS: The National Hurricane Center will watch four tropical waves in the Atlantic basin over the coming days. Three systems are lined up between the Antilles and the African coastline. The 1st carries a low, closest to the Antilles, 30% (low) chance of development over the next 3-7. The second area has a 40% (medium) chance of development. The 3rd area, closest to the coast of Africa, is up to a high, 70% chance of development. All 3 systems are moving to the west-northwestward through the central Atlantic Ocean. None of the systems shows a projected path that would put ENC in danger over the next seven days. The NHC is also keeping an eye over the central Gulf of Mexico for possible slow development over the next 3-7 days. That area has a 30% chance of development. The next 4 names on the storm list are Emily, Franklin, Gert, and Harold.

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