More tenants at Washington apartment complex dealing with mold, mayor pushing for better living conditions

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) -For some who live at Brittany Place Apartments in Washington, it means living with mold every day.

“They don’t care about their tenants to allow them to live in an unsafe environment,” said Washington Mayor, Donald Sadler.

“They’ve even come in here and seen the mold in the cracks of the wall,” said Brittany Place Apartments resident, Jordan Welch.

Resident Nyesha Lacy was the first to come forward last week to show us the living conditions in her apartment.

“It’s just a mind-blowing experience to see how many people it has affected,” Lacy said.

Lacy allowed WITN’s Jaylen Holloway to go inside her apartment which had maggots crawling and mold growing. Shortly after, several others wanted to speak about the same issues.

Welch is one of those tenants. She says mold inside her apartment has affected the health of two of her sons.

“They have asthma,” Welch said. “My 2-year-old has it worse, I have a dehumidifier and he’s in a breath easy program because of the mold.”

Many say they’re dealing with mold, but Lacy’s upstairs neighbor Brittany Lane says she was sent a letter by Partnership Property Management. It says she’s at fault for Lacy’s mold that started as a slow leak.

“I called to ask about the letter as well as the leakage that’s going downstairs,” Lane said. “He said it had nothing to do with me, but I still don’t understand why I got a letter.”

Lane felt the apartment’s property management company was targeting her, which is why she and Lacy reached out to Sadler for help.

Sadler sent a letter of concern to Partnership Property Management about the mold, and here was their response:

Sadler and tenants like Lacy continue to wait for action. Even though mold is still in her apartment, Lacy says she’s glad she encouraged others to speak up.

“When it comes to my kids and anybody else’s kids, I feel like I need to do what I have to do,” Lacy said.

Partnership Property Management says they’ll be going to the apartment complex for an inspection Wednesday morning.

Sadler says they’ll continue to check in with property management and tenants to be sure changes are being made.