More jobs coming to the East with aviation hangar expansion

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – Hundreds of jobs are coming to the East with the opening of another airplane hangar at flyExclusive’s headquarters in Kinston.

The company has a fleet of over 90 private jets with operations that provide jobs not only to pilots and flight attendants, but also to mechanics, painters, and ground crew operators.

Founder and CEO Jim Segrave joined Maddie Kerth to share more about his connection to the East and why he wants to keep the operations in Kinston growing for his neighbors.

“I was born in Kinston and so the North Carolina Global TransPark was there. Family had something to do with founding that and it brought me back there about 22 years ago,” explained Segrave. “This is my second business int he private aviation sector. I sold the first one to Delta Airlines in 2010 and started this one in 2015.”

But even in that success, he rose flyExclusive from the ground up.

The company is looking to bring its maintenance, repairs, and overhaul division closer to home.

The newest hangar is anticipated to add 200 more jobs to the maintaining the fleet.

The ribbon cutting for the hangar will take place at flyExclusive’s headquarters on Wednesday morning.

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