Mom & 10 newborn puppies found in abandoned Craven County home

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Animal control officers in one Eastern Carolina county made a big discovery on Tuesday.

Craven County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services found a mother and her ten newborn puppies in an abandoned home.

The home was on Riverside Road, west of Vanceboro.

Officers said they had been trying to catch the mother for several months after neighborhood complaints. Yesterday, they were checking traps in the area and discovered the dog and her litter in the house.

The puppies are only two or three days old, and most still don’t have their eyes open. Mom has received her vaccinations and her puppies are doing fine.

Animal Protective Services said the Craven County shelter doesn’t have room for mom and her kids so they are checking with a shelter in New Jersey to see if they can house the family.