Mobile sports betting kickoff causes gambling concerns to rise

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Looking to score big by betting on your favorite teams? You now have the chance to as sports betting is now live in North Carolina.

This comes after a multi-year effort, however, some concerns surrounding the increase in gambling loom. After going live on Monday at noon, fans can place bets on their phone with ease.

Fanduel, DraftKings, and ESPN Bet are just a few of the sports wagering operators in North Carolina. It’s here where betters can deposit funds into accounts and wager on amateur and professional sports.

“You can pretty much be wagering on a single game multiple times throughout the game,” Gambling Research and Policy Initiative director Michelle L. Malkin said. “On certain kinds of plays, when points are going to happen, as well as what the total score is going to be, etc.”

Malkin said that although some people can gamble in healthy ways, it is important to know when it is becoming unhealthy.

“What happens to some people is they go down a path of different types of gambling harms: social, economic, legal, and it can lead to an individual developing a gambling disorder, which is the medical term of a gambling addiction,” Malkin said.

This can lead to betters trying multiple times until they see a profit, however, experts say North Carolina is the real winner as the state makes a profit on your good and bad bets.

“Individuals don’t realize they are going to have to pay a large, hefty tax on any winnings that they get and so they need to be tracking that as well,” Malkin said.

Malkin said ways to gamble safely are to set a budget, put safeguards in place, and simply enjoy the sport your betting on.